Monday, September 12, 2016

Congrats, David Bradley/They're Doing What in Rogersville?

Lauderdale County Judge Gil Self has refused to order a second recount of ballots cast in the Florence city council race between Hermon Graham and David Bradley. Mr. Bradley is now officially the next representative for District Three. 

Good luck, David! We believe you will be an asset to the council and serve, not only your own district, but all the citizens of Florence.


For some time we've been privileged to receive articles from a resident of the Rogersville area. As often happened when we published stories about Muscle Shoals, some readers have assumed these articles were written by Shoalanda. While we're flattered that anyone would consider us that knowledgeable about so many different areas in the Shoals, in the interest of clarity, we're introducing our correspondent today as a regular blogger. Welcome to Rogersville Rose; here's her first effort under that nom de plume:

Keep Liquor Out of Our Schools

Why would the proprietor of a liquor store be so insistent on being involved in the lives of our children and our schools? Could it be (A) He feels guilty that his business contributes to the destruction of the family unit. (B) He is marketing his business to children. (C) All of the above.

Most of us can remember a time when wearing a shirt to class that advertised alcohol would get you thrown out of school. But in today's world it is the parents standing up and saying we do not want our children to be walking advertisements, wearing official school apparel for a liquor store. The banners hanging in the school's gymnasium were disgraceful enough.

We are unable to pray over the intercom before high school football games, but they can promote a liquor store over the intercom? All because the players were fed McDonald's hamburgers and Little Debbie's before the game...

Maybe the candidates for Lauderdale County Board of Education and Superintendent would like to address this topic?


Rose has asked an extremely pertinent question. Muscle Shoals schools sell mattresses; will Lauderdale County schools now sell Bailey's?


  1. Liquor out of our schools? You mean the way the sales tax goes towards text books and technology? Big Steve's (the only store leaglally selling liqour in rogersville as I undsrstand it) puts more revenue into our county school systems than any other business in Rogersville, I would wager. But the county itself was always dry because of family values? Family values cost us around 250 dollars per student in the county. Thats about how much less Lauderdale spends on students than surrounding counties that sale county wide. Way to deflect the real issues. Steve Modas has always been a dedicated citizen. He has sponsored or provided water and Gatorade to numerous organizations such as the UNA Football Team and The Pride of Dixie Marching Band numerous times over the years. I would imagine his interest was peaked when reports came that several students were turned away because they couldnt afford their lunches last school year.

  2. Any citizen that feeds kids and helps in their community is an asset to that community. A businessman has a right to promote his business just like anyone else in Rogersville. A lot of Rogersville businesses serve or sale alcohol. (almost every restaurant and even the Dollar store). Are we not allowing them to purchase advertising? Seriously, find something worth complaining about. Sounds like a lot of jealousy to me. Of course, that has been going on since a certain business opened up in good ole Rogersville. Seems some folks don't like competition.