Friday, September 30, 2016

Grimes Says Mickey Haddock is Dirty!

Did you hear the one about the tourism board member, two mayors, and an elephant walking into a bar? No? Well, you should just in case it’s true. We do know at least part of it is true.

Florence tourism board member David Abramson says outsiders shouldn’t campaign in Florence. So, David, does that mean that since none of our bloggers lives in Tuscumbia, we shouldn’t have endorsed Mr. Couch for city council? Tell us, David, isn’t that a First Amendment kind of thing? You might want to reconsider your thoughts on that issue.

In other words, David Abramson admits telling Waterloo mayor Mel Grimes that he shouldn’t endorse Steve Holt for mayor of Florence; what he denies is telling Grimes that Waterloo will lose money from the tourism board if he continues to do so.

Now Grimes has filed an ethics complaint against Haddock and council member Dick Jordan for playing dirty pool by instructing Abramson to call Grimes. Did they? Or did Abramson take it upon himself to do it, as he has claimed/admitted. Either way, Abramson has overstepped a lot of boundaries.

This is the second ethics complaint filed against Mayor Mickey Haddock and Councilman Dick Jordan in the past month. Neither complaint will be acted upon before the October 4th election.


So District 1 council member Dave Smith wants to be a “facilitator?” He’s certainly proved how good he is at facilitating a new location for the animal shelter. No, Dave, the term “rabble rouser” comes to mind when one thinks of you.

And, Dave… You might also want to look up the definition of “boulevard.” If you really want to turn College Street into a boulevard, about 75% of those owning property on the street will lose land…maybe even their houses and businesses. Not exactly a win-win idea, is it? 

Those in District One have a choice. Vote Kaytrina P. Simmons on October 4th.


Don’t forget the search tomorrow morning for Shawn Childers. If you can’t make it, you can pray for a good outcome.


At some point earlier in the week, we hit three million page views since our inaugural blog in 2008. Thanks to all our readers!

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