Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sex Offender or Not?/Humble Apologies

Will Donald Tipper be required to register as a sex offender or not? Yesterday we stated he would be based on this document:

Now attorney Billy Underwood informs us that Tipper accepted what’s called a hybrid deal and will not have to register. We assume the error on the court order was the result of habit and will be changed. We’ll happily publish any more updates to this story.


Earlier today, a reader left a comment consisting of only a link to a TD article on Tipper’s day in court. We inadvertently deleted it, but added the link ourselves. The TD article stated that Tipper admitted having sex with his accuser, albeit consensual sex. We’ve had several readers ask why we haven’t published the names of the seven women who were prepared to testify they had traded sex to Tipper for legal assistance.

We didn’t publish the names since we’re unsure of the legal status of the women. One woman is definitely in the system at this time and her name has been published—see yesterday’s blog. If and when the other six have a new scrape with the law, their names will indeed be fair game.


Many years ago we met Ms. A. Jordan at a social function. While memories cloud over the years, AJ seemed charming, caring, and intelligent. When we heard a few years ago that she had married embattled City of Florence employee Steve Eason, we were genuinely shocked.

Now we’re offering A.J. our humble and sincere apologies. Why we were informed by misguided readers that she had married Eason, we don’t know. We do believe the individuals had been misled by someone else for whatever reason. We’ve recently learned that Eason’s current wife is an insurance saleswoman who is in no way related to Councilman Dick Jordan.

In other words, Jordan may have lobbied for Eason to be given a city job because of friendship, but not nepotism. While we don’t know if AJ even still lives in the Shoals, if she’s reading this, we hope she’s laughing. After all, SS was once married to Chip Dillard…

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  1. He will have to register. However a conviction of Sexual Misconduct no longer requires the offender to notify. In other words, he'll be on the books as an offender, but can move into a community without having to give notice to other residents.