Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Word from Tony Logan/Update on Chip Dillard

From Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan:

I am so glad that Shoalanda Speaks has helped the Tuscumbia Police Department to keep the case of Elbert Davis in the media. Mr. Davis was an awesome man and his death was a loss to the entire City of Tuscumbia. Please if you know something or someone involved come forward and help us solve this case and bring closure to his family.


Also congratulations to Katie Logan on her recent win in Tuscumbia municipal elections. She will be an asset to the city.


Returning to Lauderdale County, most of our readers have probably seen a news story about a notorious madam being returned to the Lauderdale County Detention Center only a week after she was shipped south to begin a prison sentence. Why?

We're pretty sure it wasn't due to a judge having a change of heart concerning her sentencing for drug crimes. She's known to be testifying in a case for the Alabama Attorney General's office, but if anyone had simply needed to speak with her, they could have done that in the DOC lockup. No, logically, she was brought back by the boys in Montgomery to testify before the grand jury. As former Florence police chief Rick Thompson once said, that's only a theory. Is it a plausible theory?

PNS is reporting that Florence attorney Chip Dillard has been returned to Lauderdale County from the Franklin County Detention Center. Since his trial on human trafficking charges isn't until December, why now? Only another theory, but new indictments come to mind. We'll be following this closely.

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