Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Attorney Billy Underwood's Statement on Accused Don Tipper

Donald Tipper is a long time Florence attorney who is accused of having forcible sex with a client in the Keystone Center on Seminary Street in Florence in 2011. Really? Our personal opinion is the offices are so close to each other that any screams of protest would be heard. Not to mention who would want to have sex with his/her attorney?

Here is attorney Billy Underwood's statement on the alleged crime:

On the 5th of February, 2011, the alleged victim pled guilty in Florence Municipal Court to Theft of Property 3rd Degree. She was arrested sometime after this plea and pled guilty in May, 2011 to a misdemeanor in Lauderdale County District Court. This plea was a reduction of a felony and she was placed on probation for both cases for one year. Probation means she was supposed to be good and not get arrested or in any further trouble.
On the 10th of July, 2011, the victim was again arrested for Theft of Property in the City of Florence. Don Tipper was appointed to represent her concerning an attempt by the City of Florence to revoke her prior sentences. Tipper has a note in his file which shows the victim called his office the 3rd of August, 2011 and made an appointment with him the 19th of August, 2011.
Two days before the victim was to visit with Tipper, Florence Police pulled her over and she received a ticket for Switched Tag and was also arrested for Possession of Marijuana 2nd. There is no question the City of Florence and State of Alabama sentences for one year would be enforced and the victim would be placed in jail for these recent arrests.  
On the day in question, the victim arrived at Keystone Business Center around 1:10 p.m. and went into Tipper’s office around 1:25. Sometime around 1:35 to 1:40, a lawyer knocked on Tipper’s office door and asked if she could copy some legal documents. Tipper told her she could. This female lawyer has given an affidavit stating the female victim left Tipper’s office within five to ten minutes after she arrived. The alleged victim appeared completely calm. She was not disheveled and had no bruises or marks on her.
The two women downstairs who worked at Keystone Business Center both gave affidavits stating they saw the victim come down and meet a man with one leg who had accompanied her to the business center. The couple calmly talked and were concerned about which exit they would use because the man had fallen down when entering the building. She had no bruises on her and her clothing was not disheveled.
During the course of our investigation, this attorney spoke with two males who lived with the victim from September, 2011 to December, 2011. The men stated she told them she had not been raped by Tipper but was going to use this as an opportunity to stay out of jail and get money from him.
No matter what, Don Tipper’s life is ruined from this day forward. A victory in court does not exonerate him in the eyes of the public because everyone knows 50% percent will say he did rape the victim and 50% that he was exonerated. His ability to practice law is ended.  I hope that after a trial there will be some satisfaction with a not-guilty verdict.

William J. Underwood

Wonder if Billy has any new clients in Franklin County?



  1. The fact u allowed this to be published speaks volumes of your character and your ability to report the news in a un-bias way. According to this "defense" attorney's statement he admits his client has violated attorney/client privledge by letting someone come into his office to "use the copy machine" while interviewing a client. Further more by printing only one side of the argument you are clearly trying to poison the jury pool and making damn sure the victim does not receive due process. If the victim is lying, it will be proved she is lying in a court of law and if she is telling the truth then Mr. Tipper will be convicted in a court of law. This is why we have courts. You have completely ignored the victim in this case because you think Mr. Tipper is innocent, well that is for the courts to decide, not you. You might as well start writing your blog in crayon from now on because you have shown your true colors. Word around town is you're a very "loose" woman...Does that make it true? See how easy that was. Its people like you that make our judiciary system corrupt and bias. JMO

    1. First, we pub. a statement from a defense atty. The QCD also pub. it. Second, we'll be happy to pub. one from the alleged victim. Third, most of our blogs are biased--that's why it's opinion, not news. Fourth, congratulations on using the word "proved" correctly. So many don't.

    2. Dear "Unknown;" Perhaps if you were educated enough to write a grammatically-correct response, people would take you more seriously. Then again, if you were educated to start with, you'd have read that it was another attorney who used the copy machine OUTSIDE Tipper's office. Not sure where you see a violation of attorney/client "PRIVILEGE" (for your correction) here. Clearly your bar exam was given via some county high school. Congrats on passing! Also, the word you're looking for is "unbiased."


      Loose Women of the Shoals

    3. Shoalanda -- I had no idea you had such influence over our judiciary system! Darn all these loose woman corrupting our system!

  2. Bless his heart... so many people's lives are ruined everyday by the press, social media, and the community. He can do like everyone else and that is suck it up and move on. Of course, he has money and substantial influence in and around Florence, that somehow I'm sure this will all disappeare. If he's guilty he should pay from his crime, likewise if he's innocent then he should learn to be more careful and maybe consider installing cameras.

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