Monday, February 22, 2016

Gregg DeWalt/New AHSAA Rules?

Did everyone read Gregg DeWalt’s Sunday column in the TD. If you didn’t, you should. He’s calling for the positions of athletic director and head coach at Muscle Shoals High to be separated. We’re not going to hold our breath, but obviously having these positions combined is akin to letting the employee who writes the company checks also balance the account—you’re just asking for abuse.

Is Muscle Shoals lobbying for rule changes at the AHSAA? If such changes do come through, will MSHS be exempt from the playoff ban retroactively?


We find it very interesting anyone would comment that we’re despicable for giving a voice to a Muscle Shoals High School critic…who seems to know just what murky, mucky broth cooks at the school. Yet this reader doesn’t think the school should be held accountable for illegal actions. Morality and ethics aren’t everyone’s strong point.

It’s also interesting that many can’t seem to distinguish between our own editorials and guest blogs. We always welcome guest editorials as long as they aren’t libelous, use vulgarities, or advocate violence. Yes, that was the 1067th time we have made that statement, but apparently some still don’t get it.


Something to think about: None of us knows when we leave the house each day if we’ll return to our homes at the appointed time. Nothing is guaranteed in this life; however, we civilians have a much better chance of finishing our work day in one piece than do those who toil in law enforcement.

A long time narcotics agent was killed this weekend—just one county away from Lauderdale. It was only a few days ago that a Lauderdale deputy was shot under very similar circumstances. Most of us have a long list of blessings for which we ask in our daily prayers. Let us all try to remember members of our law enforcement community in those prayers.


With all due respect to James Irby, does he think he will be called upon as a circuit judge to make decisions on abortion and gay marriage? We’d personally rather he and any other candidates promise not to populate the court and related entities with their relatives, lovers, and other cronies.


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