Saturday, February 6, 2016

Omitting Jerry Don/Angel Again

A reader asked us why we didn’t include Jerry Don Crowden and John Wesley Akin in our list of five local bad boys that haven’t left the system in over six or more years. The same of Crowden can be said, but since he’s doing a 20 year sentence in the state prison system, he’s had no new arrests. We doubt he’ll make parole; his current end of sentence date is May 2033.

Akin? He certainly did his criminal career up right, but in a very short period of time. In other words, he was no shoe-in for a career criminal, just someone who made some very bad choices concerning drugs and paid the highest possible punishment for it. Will he make parole? It’s certainly a possibility, and we would think few would oppose it when the time comes.


So how about all those crimes you committed 30 years ago? We were a little taken aback yesterday to see a crane operator vilified for three DUIs from the 1980s after a fatal accident in NYC. News media knew that his initial tests for alcohol were negative (something could show up in blood tests later), but they still published his arrest record from 30 years ago.

This blog does not do that, even though we have frequent requests concerning political candidates, business people, etc. Commit a new crime? Then yes, any old mistakes are fair game.


Change Court Street in Florence from four to two lanes in order to increase parking? That was suggested at a recent planning meeting. How much of Court Street currently has parallel parking? Not that much we can recall off hand. We’re at a loss as to how the town’s high street could handle truck deliveries and similar vehicle stops if actual driving space were narrowed. We’re also at a loss as to why anyone would want to detract from the main street’s beauty In order to obtain a few more parking spaces.

Apparently no one at the meeting questioned the underuse of the Pine Street Parking deck. Certainly no one suggested curtailing new eateries that contribute to the 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. dearth of spaces. Everything in life is a trade off. Let’s not trade Court Street’s beauty for three hours of convenience a day.


It seems Angel Gieske’s charges in Colbert County relate to her fraudulent counseling services. Colbert is the only one that has specifically charged her with the possession of a fraudulent instrument. Walker and Lauderdale have charged the Rascaltown, Tennessee, woman with only Theft.

Yes, Angel is from that tres metropolitan community of Rascaltown, but we see where some are now referring to it as “North Lexington.” Wonder how actual residents of Lexington feel about that?


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