Friday, February 26, 2016

John Hargett/State Auto Allowance?

What does the not so average politician have? Brains, common sense, experience, and probity. That's a hard combination to find. Roger Garner has done a good job as a Lauderdale County Commissioner. We believe John Hargett can do an even better one. Hargett is a local accountant and well acquainted with money management.

Can Hargett beat the sitting commissioner? We don't know, but we honestly believe that the more honest intelligence in any local governing body the better. We sincerely endorse John Hargett for the Lauderdale County Commission.


We recently linked an expose' on the cost of vehicle mileage reimbursement in the state. We received this very informative reply:

I work as a XXX for the State of Alabama. At this low level, individuals are encouraged to ride together when possible and to thoroughly “document” all mileage. I know the blogger is not inferring any misrepresentation. Yes , most of the big muckedly mucks get the big mileage reimbursement. They also spend the night for nonsensical missions. Yes its truly odd since most departments have motor pools.

Its also truly odd, most state workers have not received reimbursement for December travel. But state employees have plenty of money right?


Alabama Political Reporter also recently published an article on the state of reimbursements in Alabama. Many vendors are suffering. Yet the office of financial services gave a COCKTAIL PARTY to celebrate the miasma of misaccounting that this new system induced. I'm assuming that most readers feel as we so that the state has no right to buy booze with our money to celebrate employees simply doing their job...and as was pointed out, illegally at that.


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