Thursday, February 18, 2016

Colbert County Superintendent?/Muscle Shoals Fabrication?

Perhaps the most hotly contested race in Colbert County is that of Superintendent of Education. Current superintendent Anthony Olivis chose not to seek re-election; probably a very wise move.

Jeff Cornelius, currently assistant superintendent, and Gale Satchell, long time educator, are vying for the post. Is one better than the other?

We’re told that for the past year Cornelius has washed his hands of Olivis—probably another wise political move. We’re also told that some recent complaints have been filed against Satchell—one for campaigning during working hours.

Just as we did in the last superintendent’s election, we’re choosing not to endorse either candidate. If pushed for a choice, we feel that Satchell is certainly the lesser of two problematic candidates; she has been personally endorsed by J. Redmon, one of our bloggers.

As with all elections, thoroughly research each candidate. Just look what you got the last time. Ta ta, Anthony!


More on Muscle Shoals football:

* Is a member of the Muscle Shoals staff collaborating with the TD on a new expose'?
* Has the family of the Wilson player retained a lawyer? And to do what?
* Has Chad Holden proclaimed the whole boondoggle nothing but lies? That we have an answer to...very informed sources say he has told faculty that the entire TD story was fabricated.


Do you read the birth notices in the TD? Here’s how they break down:

1. John Doe & Jane Doe, son Joseph Doe– Pretty straight forward married couple.

2. John Doe & Jane Smith, son Joseph Doe– He wouldn’t marry her, but he did sign the birth certificate to claim the child legally.

3. Jane Smith, son Joseph Smith -- She either didn’t know who the father was or she wanted no part of him or she didn’t have the money for an attorney.

Those three usually sum it up, but we recently saw a fourth type that made us laugh:

4. John Doe & Jane Smith, son Joseph Smith – She made sure he claimed the child for the financial support, but she wouldn’t give the child his name.


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