Sunday, February 7, 2016

Where's the Gym?

If you’re a regular reader of Rheta Johnson’s weekly column, you know she lives just outside Iuka, Mississippi—not quite the Big Apple, but bigger than Rascaltown. In her most recent column, she discussed her new gym membership and not with any great favor. She commented that it was painted purple and gold inside; here’s a snippet:

The club is scab ugly. Let me begin there. Health, in my opinion, should include an emotional component, and who can be mentally disposed to become fit if the place you’re exercising is garish, a love child of Chuck E. Cheese and the ER?
If you have the sensibilities of a colorblind goat, you’ll gag at bright purple and gold as a backdrop for sweating people. I suspected that a health club would not look like the inside of Sainte-Chapelle, but this is beyond the pale.
There’s an off chance that the gym in question isn’t in the Shoals, but we’re betting it’s in Florence. Does the description give anyone a clue?


Anyone out there like the proposed legislative bill to allow representations of the Ten Commandments in our government buildings? If you said yes, we’re sure you’ll like the similar new monuments to the words of Mohammad and in praise of Satan, because that’s what you’ll get. Of course, you could be lucky and just get a lawsuit that takes money away from schools, streets, etc.


We've been sent reports of a woman's body having been found late last night in an area of Sheffield commonly called Baptist Bottom. We've not been able to verify that rumor.


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  1. Probably a Planet Fitness. They are all purple and gold.