Thursday, February 25, 2016

Doc Larry Wants to Control Term Limits

Larry Stutts is one of several state senators, presumably those who see the handwriting on the wall concerning their re-election chances, who want to set a limit on terms for state senators and representatives. Tim Melson opposes this proposed law and rightly so. For if guns don't kill people, surely a lack of term limits doesn't make a legislator a crook.


It seems there was an incident at an athletic contest between Sheffield and Lexington. We don’t know what the incident was, but it was apparently related to actions of some Sheffield players. That’s indeed unfortunate, and we’re sure the powers that be in Sheffield don’t condone it.

However, it further appears that the Lexington fans who were at the game have decided the way to handle this bad behavior is to behave equally badly. Sportsmanship is becoming a thing of the past; no surprises there. Perhaps it's time for school officials to hold students responsible for their actions…and a few letters home to parents concerning their own conduct wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


Personal endorsements? During the election season we’ve received some personal endorsements for certain candidates. Most of these endorsements have been less than moving. Some have recommended a certain candidate by means of criticizing his opponent. Others seem to tout their superior wisdom in the matter, all the while using profanities in their messages. We’re pretty sure the candidates they’re supporting don’t condone those who write these glowing accolades. If they do, then we’re certain we made the right choice to begin with.


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