Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Special Report: UNCONFIRMED Penalties Facing Muscle Shoals Football

We've had so many questions on this, that we decided to offer what has been sent to us. This is, at this point, unconfirmed. We will update in a regular post at a later date.


AHSAA obviously called the sportswriter that broke the story early on and told him he should re-cant his story. He said no, that he reported the truth. Seems they told him there might come a day he would have to swear in court that he told the truth. He supposedly told them they would have to swear they didn't call him and tell him to lie.

Reported leaks about AHSAA sanctions to come down the pipe:

Basden 1 year suspension of coaching/A.D. license
Fire Balentine / 1 year suspension of coaching Sanctions
No Playoff bids for ANY sports teams at MSCS for 1 year.

Shoalanda -- Still Holding the Block

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