Thursday, February 4, 2016

Trials?/Justin Green

If there were no more delays or a plea deal put in place, the Theft by Deception trial of Angel Gieske in Walker County and the Drug Distribution trial of Brady Ann Irons in Lauderdale County were to have begun today. Both trials were long overdue, but obviously the wheels of justice will eventually grind, slowly or not.


Mary Anne Rippey, a strong VOCAL advocate, has been published as endorsing Will Powell for Circuit Judge in Lauderdale County. We would like to hear from both Mr. Powell and his opponent James Irby before our endorsement is made here.

Ms. Rippey is the sister of Danny Sledge, a Florence restaurant owner who was murdered during a robbery in the early 1990s. We were looking at a DOC photo of convicted killer Nathan Boyd earlier this week and couldn’t help but notice that the former Florence man, now doing Life Without in Donaldson Prison, was sporting quite a bleached quiff.

We assume either Boyd or someone close to him works in the infirmary and has access to the hydrogen peroxide—our tax dollars at work. Donaldson is a maximum security prison and supposedly the inmates’ actions are highly monitored. Perhaps one doing Life Without has no fear of any disciplinary actions?


Any readers out there watching An American Crime Story? There is a moral here, young ladies. If he’s married or in prison/on probation when you meet him, run. Oh, but you say he’s different. Let us ask you this: Just how many times does he have to be arrested before you realize that no, he’s really not the exception to the rule after all?


Justin Green is supposedly now serving time in Lauderdale Community Corrections for his involvement in the death of his 14 month old daughter, yet photos of him posing with his newest addition by still another woman have surfaced on social media. The latest child’s mother is no longer claiming him on Facebook. Trouble in paradise or merely a belated attempt at discretion?


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