Monday, February 8, 2016

Civil Rights Infringement in Johnson Trial

The perjury trial of Shannon Johnson began this morning. We've been informed that while members of Keith Barnett's family were allowed in the courtroom, the father of Johnson, a man in his 70s, was not allowed to enter.

While we have the greatest sympathy for the Barnett family, there is no need to abuse an older man in some misguided effort at revenge. We feel sure the deputies assigned to the court room could have handled Mr. Johnson if he had decided to show off any of his ninja moves.


Body? What body? Apparently the only body found in Colbert County on Saturday night/Sunday morning was in Leighton, and the deceased had passed away from natural causes. We're guessing someone had simply partied a little too much, and the rumor mill went into overdrive.


Thanks to L. Stone for this idea. From the "Lone Harranger" (Feel free to share):


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