Monday, February 1, 2016


Leslie M. Shoals is a frequent contributor to our blog. Leslie has keen insights into one of the Quad-Cities and never fails to offer pithy opinions on current events in that town. Leslie has sent us a guest blog well worth reading, but one which we are going to censor to some degree. All names have been stricken from the text for obvious reasons:

Lauderdale County December 2015 divorces indicate Ms. XXX filed divorce against her abusive husband, XXX, and rightfully so. The fine XXX used his wife for a punching bag for many years and eventually had his explosive beating on her when she discovered a love text on his work phone from his girlfriend/adulterous lover.

Franklin County December 2015 divorces indicate XXX's girlfriend/adulterous lover/co-worker filed divorce papers against her husband as well. Coincidence? Merry Christmas.

Will marriage licenses soon show the two closet lovers to "seal the deal" like another XXX? Statistics show adulterous affairs that lead to shacking up or marrying ultimately end in the same demise as the previous affairs.

Whatever the future holds for these two XXX employees having an affair in the XXX, may they find comfort in each other's arms - or at the end of the fist. Abusers are like pedophiles......they are sick and the woman that will cover for and provide the low life a ride from the jail after beating the hell out of his soon to be ex wife deserves the life she has chosen.

Will there be punishment for those two, as well as many other married employees in the XXX the powers to be know are having affairs, or will these continue to be cover-ups like the XXX?

Ms. XXX is "walking away the winner". She is to be commended for kicking him to the curb. May she clean his clock and have a happy forever.

2016 should be an interesting year in XXX.


While in another local city...

Mr. Mayor, we understand you've been getting complaints about the termination of one of your employees while a second one remains on the job. We have not contacted you. This will probably be the only communication you receive from us, but you should know that the employee you're keeping not only indulges in illicit sex while on the job, but has been known to condone the physical abuse of women in his care. We recommend everyone keeping Billy's number on speed dial...


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  1. Sad day when public employees working together do this on the job. Sadder still, is the fact that people in places of authority over them are not sending them home for good. Taxpayers and the people who are affected by these disgusting acts deserve better. Sad.