Friday, February 5, 2016

Rape?/Florence Animal Shelter

We’ve received several communications about the alleged rape that recently resulted in the arrest of a local attorney and our blog concerning the case. First, we’ve published statements from Mr. Underwood before and at times did not agree totally with his opinions on the matter. We’re sure we will do so in the future. Our publishing anyone’s statement on any issue does not constitute absolute agreement with it, but it’s our right to publish what we wish.

Do we agree with Billy Underwood’s take on the “rape” case? Yes, we do. As for those who have said it probably wasn’t rape but just a business transaction to pay a fee, there was no fee owned, at least to the attorney. He had been court appointed, and the court system would pay him. The female client, if convicted of the charges against her, would have then owed the court system and such fees would have become part of her restitution. So that would leave what? Spontaneous lust that sprang up between an attorney and his client in the middle of a work afternoon with others milling about just outside the door. No, that last scenario certainly didn’t happen outside a Viagra commercial.

While we do have sympathy for anyone falsely accused, our main problem with the situation is that it reflects badly on women who have legitimate complaints against men who have committed sexual abuse and rape for years and gotten away with it…even facing a jury and being found not guilty.


It seems the state is about to get four new prisons…maybe. Perhaps we need Gov. Bentley in Lauderdale County to get things started with our new animal shelter. It’s looking like we’ll get the prisons first.

A friend once told us that the 1970s renovation of Wilson Park was at least partly simultaneous with the private construction of the Florence Clinic addition. The park renovations began first, then immediately across the street a drug store and Victorian home were demolished, a full basement dug, and finally a two-story office building constructed. At the end of the construction, the park renovations were still not completed.

We have to ask if anyone is holding the city’s feet to the fire over finding a location for the new shelter? During the last municipal elections, the possible construction of the Cloverdale Road Walmart was a hot topic; in 2016 it would appear the shelter may be a deciding factor on how some vote, particularly in District One.


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