Thursday, February 11, 2016

Should a Three Year-Old Face Murder Charges?

This is not about guns; this is about a three year-old child who intentionally aims a gun at someone and pulls the trigger. Unfortunately, it’s happened in Alabama, and we see that some have suggested the boy be placed in juvenile detention until he’s 18. Should he?

Kimberly Jade Reylander, aged nine, was shot dead on Saturday afternoon at her great-grandparents’ home in Irondale. Police are calling the shooting an accident due to the fact the young boy allegedly didn’t know the gun was “real.” Since the gun was found on a nightstand, it’s entirely possible the larger sibling picked up the gun first and initiated the play. Still, three year-old Jaxon Fuller Reylander aimed at his sister and pulled the trigger.

If the ages had been reversed, would police seek charges? Quite possibly. Should they seek them now against a three year-old, one who judging by photographs was at least three in mid-December of last year. It’s a difficult call to make. Alabama is notoriously hard on some crimes, but we’re betting this one brings no consequences, either for the youth or his family, whom others have suggested are ultimately responsible.


We realize that ideally guns should be kept in extremely safe places, but isn’t it time that all parents teach children not to touch a gun under any circumstances until they’re told to?


What can the Super Bowl Choir tell us? If you’re not familiar with the singers, each was born exactly nine months after a super bowl. It’s always interesting to look back nine months before anyone’s birth. Was there a snow storm? A graduation party? Some other interesting event?

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  1. There is no way a 3-year old child should suffer legal consequences for this tragedy. He will carry this with him throughout his life, without more adult actions against him.

    However, there will NEVER be an excuse for an adult to leave a gun, loaded or not, where a child could get it.

    Yes, the adult who left this gun on easily accessible night stand - should be held fully responsible - and should face legal action. Just my thoughts. God bless, Bill Gray

  2. At the very least, the owner should have any right to carry or posses a weapon removed, and some form of child endangerment charge...this was inexcusable.