Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lauderdale License Commissioner/Calling Tuscumbia Muskrat

While we’re sure the majority of local voters, as well as those who read our blog, will be voting in the Republican primary next Tuesday, let’s not forget there will be a Democratic ballot as well. Few are running locally on the Democratic ticket, at least with opposition in the primary. The office of Lauderdale County License Commissioner is one of the exceptions.

On the Republican side, we highly recommend Billy Hammock, a dedicated and ethical businessman who is more than capable of carrying forward the work that current commissioner William Smith has begun. On the Democratic side, we similarly endorse Tony Cox.

Whoever wins these primaries, they will face each other in November. At that time, voters may cross over if they wish and vote a split ticket. Yes, the SEC mega primaries make for a long election season in Alabama.


Some years ago, we helped oversee some repairs to a bathroom in an office building. The plumber contracted to redo a small shower announced he was going to have to tear out a wall since the correct fitting was no longer manufactured for the 30 year-old shower head. We decided to refer him to someone higher up rather than argue the point that plumbers were a kind of “pipefitter” who should be able to cobble together just about any size pipes. After all, maybe we were missing something? After speaking with a company vice president, the plumber managed to repair the shower without tearing out the wall.

We have that same reaction to the announcement that the computer system controlling the light show at Spring Park is outdated. We can understand “worn out” as in hardware that fails, but “outdated?” Is the fountain now supposed to bring in NetFlix? Have park officials discovered some new colors previously unknown to mankind that only this new system can produce? Could a new computer system assure that the lights are in sync not only with the music but with the gravitational pull of the moon as well?

We think this might be a case for the Tuscumbia Muskrat.


Since the start of this election season we’ve had several private communications with readers about various candidates. Current issues are discussed in the blog; older or non-issues are not. This includes college drug arrests, gay relatives, criminal relatives, old accidents, or lack of charisma (God forbid we ever elect a qualified candidate who lacks charisma). We don’t feel that any of these has any bearing on the candidate’s ability to perform in office. We endorse here, but you do not have to adhere to any of our recommendations. If you want to change our mind, facts would be important—your personal feelings not so much.


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