Monday, February 29, 2016

SEC Primary/Sadie Hawkins Day

Tomorrow is SEC Primary Day. Vote…but don’t vote blindly. We hope everyone has researched the candidates thoroughly by now. It’s not a beauty contest or a popularity contest. It’s an election that has consequences for all citizens. Here again are our endorsements:

State Board of Education Place 7: Jim Bonner

Colbert County Commission Place 5: Roger Creekmore

Lauderdale License Commissioner (D): Tony Cox

Lauderdale License Commissioner (R): Billy Hammock

Lauderdale County Commission District 1: John Hargett

Lauderdale County Commission Chair: Danny Pettus

Lauderdale Circuit Judge Place 1: William Smith

Lauderdale Circuit Judge Place 2: Will Powell


Bad Boys & Their Pen Pals

Perhaps you read recently of Florida inmate Mark DeFriest, a 55 year-old man who’s been incarcerated since he was 19. While it’s an interesting story in itself, another remarkable facet to DeFriest’s tale is that he’s married to an 85 year-old woman whom he met via what’s termed a “pen pal scheme.” We’re not sure why it was labeled a scheme, but obviously many inmates use women while they’re on the inside.

John Wesley Akin
We’ve been contacted by one woman, a mother of two small children, who was (and perhaps still is) a pen pal of J.J. Common, and we’ve also been told that Wes Akin has a prison pen pal account. We can’t definitely say that any man in prison won’t go straight once free, that he won’t make a good husband and father, that he will never be able to support himself honestly. What we can say is it’s infinitely better to wait until these men are once again free and then re-evaluate any relationship with them. Once married, it’s a little bit difficult to go your separate ways. We’ll add that sending them your hard earned money isn’t exactly brilliant either. Nor is having unprotected sex with them once they’re out.

So how many women reading this, young or old or anywhere in between, think this applies to them? Our guess would be zero, but if we can reach just one that’s a major victory.

That being said, today is Sadie Hawkins' Day. If you’re looking, why not ask out that nice guy in the office down the hall or the new guy at church? Just be sure to first ask if they’re on probation or under indictment.


Downtown fine dining? Check out the health department scores for two Court Street eateries published in yesterday’s TD. The Pie Factory scored only 78, while Ricatonni’s barely beat them at 80. Perhaps this will narrow down the location of your Sadie Hawkins’ Day date.


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