Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Allegations/A Pundit Speaks

A few readers have asked us if we plan to comment on the charges which Quinton Hanson made against his opponent Danny Pettus. We do indeed plan to look into the three allegations, or perhaps more correctly two allegations and one criticism.

Concerning the 10K Pettus contribution from a pawn shop/title loan business owner, we will answer as we did concerning the non-issue of a circuit judge’s opinion on abortion and gay marriage. As far as we know all title loan/payday advance type businesses are located within the town limits of the various Shoals cities. What Danny Pettus or any other county official believes/feels/has to say should have no bearing on these businesses.

We constantly hear criticism about certain campaign contributions, but where does one draw the line? Take no contribution from someone convicted of a drug related felony 20 years ago? How about a Muslim? How about gays? Or how about people with Asperger’s syndrome? You can always find something to question.

While this “bagman,” as Hanson terms him, may expect something from Mr. Pettus, we have no real idea what it would be just from the information on the mud-slinging mail out, nor do we believe Danny would grant unscrupulous favors because of this contribution.

No matter who wins today’s election for Lauderdale commission chair or any other office, you can rest assured that in today’s world of electronic information there are watchdogs not afraid to speak up against malfeasance and incompetence. Of more concern should be the politically apathetic who fail to vet candidates. After all, look how many times Dewey Mitchell was elected.


Are you looking forward to the SEC Primary results in the presidential election? While political pundits may get it wrong more than right, one local guru, an avid follower of the national scene, tells us that Hillary Clinton will soon be indicted. We wouldn’t rule that out. His opinion of Bernie? Some party members touted the “Democratic Socialist” in an effort to provide an unelectable opponent for the former first lady; now it’s backfired.

Will the Donald be the next president? Just think of all the innocent moggies who will suffer the humiliation of being forced to wear hairpieces…


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