Thursday, March 17, 2016

Alabama Prisoners Can Make 2K a Day?!!!!

A recent article from the Alabama Political Reporter has offered some insight into life in an Alabama maximum security prison. Crooked guards who also abuse inmates—we’re not surprised. A unique trade/barter system—we’re not surprised. Prisoners making 2K a day—oh, yeah, were we surprised.

It appears that via the use of prepaid debit cards, inmates can buy a great deal…and amass a small personal fortune. How? It seems there are two schemes/scams at work here. The first takes only a smart phone they can use to access FB. They make friends…female friends…and then request money. What these inmates promise in return is anyone’s guess.

Yet, this scam is small potatoes compared to the one that involves selling their phone minutes to fellow inmates eager to call home/whoever when they have no phone privileges or they’re calling someone not on their approved phone list. Inmates selling minutes can make hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day. Inmates using inmates: not a pretty picture, is it?

This is not going to stop, even with new prisons, until the guards who facilitate this are weeded out. We’re not holding our breath.


A word to the ladies who send inmates money: Do you think you’re the only one? Think about it. Why should you be the only one? He probably has girlfriends back home; why has he gone out of his way to befriend you?

And a note to a few local young ladies: No, he is NOT the exception to the rule. Just wait until he’s free and living with you. Then he loses his job because he’s too strung out to show up for work. You can’t trust him to take care of your child/children from other relationships. You can’t trust him…period. We know you’re not listening, but when it all goes down, don’t expect us not to say “we told you so.”


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