Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Death Penalty Ruling?/Heath Haddock

According to legal eagles,the recent ruling by a Jefferson County judge on Alabama's sentencing structure concerning Capital crimes is not binding on other courts. How long until defense attorneys across the state uinvoke this ruling to appeal sentences handed down by other judges, but not approved by a jury...and just how much will it cost the state?


From Heath Haddock:

My statement concerning my mission and vision for the License Commissioner's office... Feel free to share this message, and thank you for all the hard work keeping the Shoals informed:

"As your License Commissioner, I pledge that my priority will be to serve as a good and honest steward of your tax dollars. I will work hard to protect your money by careful analysis of budgeting and thoughtful consideration of all financial decisions. Having examined the trends of the license commissioner’s office, I understand that peak transaction times are the beginning and ending of each month. As a graduate of UNA, I hope to work with the UNA Marketing Department to develop and implement a campaign to help inform all citizens of the ways to better utilize existing services of the license commissioner’s office. There are currently 7 different ways to renew your tag, including one of the only drive through windows in the state. An effective marketing plan will increase awareness of these services and effectively create a more efficient and productive office.

Updated technology is a necessary tool to complete the tasks required of the License Commissioner’s office. After several conversations with the outgoing License Commissioner and the current staff, I understand that the Lauderdale County License Commissioner’s office is currently a state of the art office with recent computer upgrades necessary to run the software mandated by the state. As new software becomes available I want to work with the Department of Revenue to be a pilot county. As a pilot county we can continue to set the standard and be a part of the solution that will ensure the latest technological tools exist for staff to continue effective services to the residents of Lauderdale County.

As a former business owner and current business manager, I understand the necessity of having a competent and prepared staff. I also realize the need to have the proper number of staff present throughout the day. I believe that looking at expanding with satellite offices is counterproductive as the cost of brick and mortar expansion, as well as the cost of additional staff, is an unnecessary drain of our tax dollars and on the county budget; and if we were to relocate exiting staff, it would create a shortage at the current office. I understand the feasibility of a satellite office has been examined recently and it was determined unnecessary at this time. As our area grows and if expansion is necessary, I will work diligently with the Department of Revenue and the County Commission at that time to determine the most appropriate action.

Finally, as your License Commissioner, I understand that my job is not limited to an 8-5 day, as I will be a constant representative of the citizens of Lauderdale County. I have the professional experience and the commitment to our area to be a representative you can be proud of and you can trust. As your License Commissioner, I will be a good steward of your tax dollars and will utilize my professional experiences to manage the office and increase access to services, while avoiding additional costs to the residents of Lauderdale County." 


The runoff is slightly more than four weeks away. Prepare to vote and to vote with knowledge of the candidates.


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