Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What Does the TD Know? or Who Owes Whom?

The much awaited SEC Primary is now over; you may breathe easy for a moment. Okay, the moment’s over. Municipal elections are in August. Florence already has two candidates for mayor and several more running for the council. It’s bound to heat up now that there’s a breather in county and state races. We’re already received one candidate’s bio; as always we request any candidates to send us their press releases.


Anyone out there read yesterday’s TD editorial? We’re not sure which staff member wrote the article (perhaps the elusive editor himself?), but it contained one statement that applied to only Lauderdale County elections…and it was a doozie.

From the TD:

Judges and license commissioners should be defined as largely nonpolitical courthouse functionaries who carry (out) policy or administer the law. Sadly, they have attracted increasingly large political donations, and in some cases the endorsements of political action committees.

What about the four candidates for two circuit judge positions? The five who ran for license commissioner? Is the TD privy to some inside info, or simply making a blanket statement?

We received many private comments concerning one candidate for judge who was very openly supported by at least two local “businessmen” whom many feel are unsavory. We’re hopeful enough concerning all winners that not one of them will be swayed by any financial contributions, no matter how large.


A local political commentator, known for his Democratic sympathies, has proclaimed that Donald Trump is immoral. We don’t disagree, but strangely enough we’ve never heard him comment on the Clintons.

One of Queer Willie’s ex-paramours has written a book…yes, imagine that. She claims that during the time Bill was governor of Arkansas, she was a regular in his bed while Hillary was out of town. It seems that Bill lamented Hillary preferred women to men. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she proceeded to relate that after-play consisted of Bill donning her discarded lingerie and playing the saxophone.

We feel much sympathy for the poor saxophone…


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