Monday, March 21, 2016

Leslie Shoals Reports...You Decide

It appears there is a wide gap between the legal system and enforcement of rules in government offices concerning employees arrested or convicted for crimes against another person.

Take for instance, in Limestone County, the Limestone County School Board has taken steps under the Alabama Education laws to immediately remove employees for acts such as stealing, sexual encounters with employees and students, cheating on their time cards and other such immoral and illegal acts. Limestone County School Board should be commended for taking immediate steps when they become aware of issues instead of being forced into action by public disclosure through media sources.

Move to the Shoals where there are reported such acts in the Lauderdale County System. It seems there are numerous reports of inappropriate relations between employees and even a Board member.

Given the problems in Muscle Shoals since Coach Lindsey has taken his position as superintendent, there is growing distrust from the citizens. It appears the various problems scattered throughout other schools has all manifested in the Muscle Shoals City School system with a recent arrest of a coach for domestic violence, resulting in court mandated intervention for drinking and abuse (which is not the first MSHS coach to be arrested for domestic violence). MSCS has hired several people from neighboring systems that have a faMily link to the powers to be and had left their previous employ under a cloud - or without a job while on administrative leave.

Students are now becoming more aware of the sordid affairs in the schools and are voicing their views and personal stories to parents and the community. Should these people be fired? ABSOLUTELY.

HOWEVER, one has to remember, If these people are fired, who appoints their replacements? The SAME PEOPLE that did background checks, verified letters of recommendations and determined them to be fine, moral, educated people to serve as role models for your children.

Now, if their judgment was so badly flawed with these current employees and the ones they have been promoted through the ranks, will their judgment prove to be any better when replacing these immoral and unethical people?

There is talk that some will be relieved of their duties, but does this really change the hierarchy?

The problem is not just the employees and their hanky panky. The lions' share of these issues lie with those who are hiring and NOT holding people accountable. Hard to do in the faMily when it's all about relationships.

MSCS has a board meeting on Tuesday and some think is will be another dog and pony show. As the school churns.

Leslie M. Shoals


Thanks to two readers. One reminded us that federal law does not rescind political rights after a sentence is served. The second who inquired of several sources and determined that the subject of a recent blog has been pardoned in this state and now also has gun rights restored.

Alabama is one of only a handful of states that does not automatically restore political rights after a sentence is served. That doesn't mean we don't have crooks serving in office...just that they haven't been convicted yet.


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