Saturday, March 19, 2016

Do You Know What a Lane Cake Is?

Neither does anyone here, but the Alabama legislature is contemplating making it the state's official dessert. Yes, you can depend on our elected officials to take on pressing matters that others would simply pass by.

There are also 120 "commendations" under consideration. Commendations for what? Well, let's see: Girl Scouts turning 100, the usual sports commendations for high schools, and of course commending the University of Alabama for winning the national championship. That last one is certainly needed, since no one in Alabama has yet to commend the team. In all fairness, some of these commendations are House and Senate duplications...if that makes you feel any better.

There are also at least 45 proclamations mourning the death of certain individuals and around five birthday wish proclamations. In case you think the latter were for those well advanced in age, one was for someone turning 70. Then there are the usual anti-abortion bills from Rep. Ed Henry--none of which can be legally defended.

Finally, here's an interesting one: Make meth, get arrested, lose your kids permanently. That means there's no placing in temporary foster care or with relatives; they go up for adoption immediately. So how does this work if only the husband has this quirky little hobby? Before you say that doesn't happen, we've seen it. A couple who worked completely different shifts owned a home with a large garage and attached workshop. You can guess what was being manufactured in the workshop. When discovered, the state took the children, giving them to the man's mother. The man's wife had to work to get them back, but at least it was an option. Opinions?



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