Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ignorance, Stupidity, & Plain Ol'...

In conversation over dinner the other evening, a friend of mine brought up the topic of 'behavioral observations and intelligence'. He stated that he was '...amazed by the apparent decline of intelligence in America'. He even offered up examples, along with 'explanations', supporting his assertions.

First, he stated the obvious: There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. 'Ignorance' results from the lack of education and can be 'cured'. Example: People that rely on their 'automatic' automobile lights to also turn on their tail lights are ignorant. In most cases, the 'auto lights' feature ONLY turns on their headlights. This ignorance can be 'cured' by reading their car's Owner's Manual.

We next discussed stupidity. 'Stupidity' is a state of 'lacking good sense or judgment'. As an example, he brought up the steady flow of semi-trucks that continue to cross O'Neal Bridge IN SPITE of the act being ILLEGAL. With warning signs in place FOR MILES on Highways 20, 72 and 43, there is no possible explanation for these acts other than sheer STUPIDITY. He further stated that drivers of such rigs should have their CDLs suspended for such acts, since, in his eyes, '....stupidity cannot be cured, and such reckless behavior endangers others.'

Finally, we discussed a 'third' behavioral observance. As most educated drivers know, most states' laws require that '....headlights MUST be used 30 minutes BEFORE dusk, 30 minutes AFTER dawn, when it is RAINING, and when OTHER WEATHER conditions (fog, etc) dictate.' As an example of this 'third behavioral observance', he cited a friend's encounter of a driver that should have had their headlights on due to fog, but didn't. This friend 'flashed' their headlights, and to their surprise, the driver of the approaching vehicle '....turned their headlights ON....then immediately TURNED THEM BACK OFF!'

I waited a few minutes before asking if this 'third' example had a name. He replied, 'Of course! They're known as dumba^^es!'


From William Smith:

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama is seeking to establish an Alabama specialty license plate. In order for the plate to go into production, they must receive 1,000 commitments to purchase by May 31, 2016. They are less than 200 away. The first 1,000 who sign up for the car tag will receive the tag for free.

I am writing to you about the Ronald McDonald House because it is near and dear to my heart. In 2013 when my daughter was born two months premature and hospitalized in the NICU at UAB Hospital, my family was able to stay in the Ronald McDonald House for six weeks until our daughter was released. My family is one of thousands across the South who have benefited from the Ronald McDonald House. In 2014, four Lauderdale County families stayed in the Ronald McDonald House while their child received care in a Birmingham hospital.

Sign up at www.rmhca.org/cartag

I am attaching information about the Ronald McDonald House car tag. Attached is a press release, a public service announcement for radio, a public service announcement for TV and a flyer that can be printed. I appreciate any help you can provide in reach their destination. The Ronald McDonald House is less than 200 tags away from reaching the 1,000 needed to go into production.


From one of our faithful friends/readers Joseph Chase Wright:

So I told MY Representative in the Alabama State House that he needed to spend more time focusing on Alabama's problems and less time peddling garbage about Ted Cruz. I also told him that voting for him once was a mistake and that I wouldn't make the same mistake twice and for that he blocks me?! That's all I said to him! I guess he would rather block and ignore HIS constituents and than to engage in meaningful dialogue so if any of you know Phillip Pettus be sure to let him know that ignoring voters isn't a very wise thing to do. Hopefully he will be a one term and done politician!

We're sure Jospeh's opinion is not the first thing Pettus has tried to drown. Yet, we think most representatives have more tact than this. A case of not being able to take Cowpen out of the boy?



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