Thursday, March 10, 2016

Death for the Three Tuscumbia Shooters?

A few years ago, a local woman was charged with abusing her lover’s young son. The woman persisted in claiming her innocence, but her attorney realized that with her butch looks and alternative lifestyle, a jury would most likely convict her. The lawyer advised the woman to take an Alford plea.

Now we have the three Tuscumbia shooters—one from Florence and two not long out of a Chicago suburb. Benjamin Owen Young of Florence was on the area’s most wanted list and has a long rap sheet. The pair from Illinois are reported to be no strangers to law enforcement. Looks? We wouldn’t want to meet any of them in a dark alley. In other words, the murderer’s usual hope of a jury trial is probably no hope at all for these three killers. From their photos, we don’t think even the best defense attorney can turn any of them into Clark Kent. (Remember Ronald Weems’ trial photos?)

Since their victim was shot while in a vehicle, there’s no question it was a Capital crime. Nor should there be a question as to what a jury will recommend when these men are found guilty; if by any chance a jury did recommend Life Without Parole, no judge would honor that recommendation. Would Bryce Graham offer them a plea? We sincerely doubt it.

The death sentence in this state usually means years in solitary confinement while waiting for an execution date. Perhaps the federal government should take a cue from a Kurt Russell movie and establish a controlled area for all such prisoners in the U.S. We suggest Flynt, Michigan.

Colbert County cracks down on drugs: We notice that Colbert County has recently apprehended several drug manufacturers and traffickers. We also notice that many of them have no previous records. Is the job situation in North Alabama so bad that middle age men have to turn to hawking heroin and meth in order to make a living? A word of advice: We’re pretty sure the Colbert County Jail makes food stamps look good.


A reader has asked us if Phillip Pettus (R-Greenhill) is attempting to drown the public in misinformation about Ted Cruz's citizenship status. While Cruz is a citizen, the Supreme Court has never ruled on the eligibility of anyone not born inside the borders of the United States. We hope it will soon do so.


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