Thursday, March 24, 2016

Franklin & Marion DHR

Keith & Hailey Renfroe
We've had some readers to report their opinions concerning the ability of DHR in Franklin and Marion Counties to protect children. None of the communications was favorable.

Another reader has reported that Hailey Rose Renfroe refused to let family members see Serenity after she left her husband. Allegedly, a physician who had seen Serenity reported his suspicions to DHR, but nothing was done for whatever reason. Perhaps lack of personnel and time?

We don't know why Renfroe left her husband. Keith Renfroe did have some recent arrests, but there are no reports of his abusing Serenity. Why did she move in with someone like Shannon Dale Gargis? Why did she stay with him?

Gargis certainly doesn't look like anyone's prize. What was she thinking? With her previous arrests, we predict she'll go south for at least a year. After that she'll come back home and make more babies. Forced sterilization isn't such a bad thing.



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