Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Would New Meth Laws Have Saved Serenity?

We recently blogged about a new law being considered in the state legislature which would cause children of meth manufacturers to be taken away from their families immediately and placed for adoption without any legal recourse for the parents. We asked how this would work if only one parent was indeed guilty of the crime.

Early this morning 22 month-old Serenity Irene Renfroe died at the hands of her mother's boyfriend. Both Serenity's parents are currently out on bail for drug manufacture in Marion County. While Keith Renfroe's sister's children were presumably removed from the home at the time of the arrest, Serenity had yet to be born. Did DHR even know of her existence?

Serenity's killer Shannon Gargis has two children from a previous relationship who are alive and presumably well. What did Serenity do to deserve her fate? Sheriff Shannon Oliver is calling it the "worst murder ever." We're not sure what that actually means, but we are sure that whatever Sheriff Oliver saw this morning should never have happened.

Serenity Irene Renfroe would have been two years old on May 24th. Her killer is now charged with a capital crime. If a Franklin County jury once found Jodey Waldop guilty of Capital Murder in the shaking death of his child, we have no trouble predicting Shannon Dale Gargis will be found guilty of the "worst murder ever."

We also predict that 20 year-old Hailey Rose Renfroe and 30 year-old Keith Renfroe will have more children, either together or separately. Will DHR monitor these future children? In a state that's having to legislate a ban on teacher-student sex, we doubt it.


So let's talk about teachers who have sex with their students. It was happening when Shoalanda was in high school about two centuries ago. It was primarily coaches, but some male instructors as well. Any female teachers? We pretty much knew what cooked and we feel reasonably sure that most of the female teachers wanted to have sex with teenage boys (or girls) just slightly less than they wanted to die in a medieval torture chamber. Why has this changed? Why should teachers have to undergo specific training to understand this is wrong? If our legislators have to concern themselves with such laws, no wonder we can't get a budget passed.


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