Monday, March 28, 2016

Propinquity/What is the County's Liability?'s a word not often used in everyday conversation. From Wiki:

In social psychology, propinquity (/prəˈpɪŋkwᵻtiː/; from Latin propinquitas, "nearness") is one of the main factors leading to interpersonal attraction.

In short, propinquity (close proximity) is what turned a church friendship into a blazing affair between our governor and his now chief adviser. Perhaps Robert Bentley felt he couldn't just show Rebekah Mason the door when he first noticed his attraction to her, but he should have. Just FYI, that goes for any of you out there reading this who may be in a similar situation.

Sources in Montgomery are laying odds that Bentley will resign shortly. While it's no given, don't be surprised to find Kaye Ivey is your next governor.


Last week we received a communication from a local corrections officer about Andrew Scott. According to our source, Scott was arrested on March 1st and March 9th in Limestone County on three misdemeanor traffic charges and was released on his signature. Our source further informed us that this makes five traffic arrests this year and one in 2015, four of them moving violations, meaning that Scott is two points short of losing his license and presumably his community corrections job.

Our main concern is that Scott, currently (and ostensibly) serving a ten year state sentence for a laundry list of property and drug crimes, could cause harm to an innocent individual--one of his January charges involved driving almost 80 mph near Clements School. If the worst should occur, would Lauderdale County Community Corrections be liable? Before you say that a county entity can't be sued, think back to the county's previous sheriff and the number of suits filed against him and his department. We understand these were settled out of court, but the taxpayer ultimately suffered.

Whether this young man's actions ever impact the taxpaying citizens of Lauderdale County of not, they are certainly draining his pocketbook. These five charges will result in over $1,000.00 in fines and court costs. That means his victims' restitution will be further delayed unless his family again steps in. It's sad this man, who during his heyday of crime was deemed a sociopath, chooses to live this way, but our sympathy is with Scott's many victims, some of whom have contacted us asking about his status. We're not holding out hope that they will ever be fully repaid.


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