Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Oops--Limestone County Coaches at It Again!

Last week, a Limestone County coach was arrested:

Our friend Leslie M. Shoals feels that Limestone's loss could be Muscle Shoals' gain.


Coach Trey Stinson

Limestone County Superintendent Tom Sisk told that the school district learned of the alleged relationship Friday and responded immediately. "(Human Resources) was on campus dealing with the matter within 30 minutes," Sisk said. He also issued this statement:

"The Limestone County Board of Education has placed an employee at East Limestone High School on administrative leave with pay until further notice pending an investigation. It is the practice of the Limestone County Board of Education to remove any employee that has been accused of wrong doing in order to complete this investigation. This is to protect both the employee and any other individual(s) that may be involved. We are working diligently to handle this matter in a thorough yet timely manner as we work toward a resolution."

Superintendent Tom Sisk handled the matter quickly and took control of the situation as evidence in the statement "...LIMESTONE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION has placed an employee on leave..."
The superintendent in Limestone County should share his guide to leadership with MSCS superintendent, Coach Lindsey. Coach Lindsey only need ask the athletic director what to do in a similar situation, not the Muscle Shoals City School Board.

Perhaps with the recent news that Coach Basden is losing his offense coordinator Coach Smothers to Athens City, Coach Stinson might want to apply at MSHS. Muscle Shoals doesn't have a filter on hiring as long as you are a coach, mean, tough and know how to man handle women.

I would not suggest Coach Stinson apply for the defensive coordinator position as the infamous wife beater and adulterer, Coach Balentine has not been fired, but insiders say he is sitting in an office and gym while he collects his pay. Way to go MSCS. Taxpayers on the hook again. Wonder if his pay was reduced to an aide's pay scale or whatever his walking around papers say he is capable of doing.

Coach Lindsey may want to step back and assess the personal interactions inside the faMily, given more insider reports of inappropriate relationships between employees. There appears to be a huge lack of institutional control with no unified effort to demand high morals, integrity, leadership and educational opportunities for the students.

Is this the kind of role models you want for your child? Would you want YOUR son to aspire to be Chris Balentine, or your daughter to be the "other woman" or the victim of abuse because they see teachers and guidance counselors doing it?

It would be nice to have transparency concerning pay, teaching & coaching assignments, and the resolution of Balentine's court appointed pre-trial diversion program. Did Balentine get help with his drinking problem and the physical abuse conviction? Has that case been resolved?

Moral Turpitude is a grave offense, punishable in several ways, including loss of job and certifications in the Alabama Education system.

Why is Balentine still on the MSCS payroll?

Leslie M. Shoals

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