Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our "Hometown" Newspaper/Probate Judges

Did you read the article in Saturday’s TimesDaily about young Muslims growing up outside Chicago? Opinion is fine—it’s what we dispense here, but facts should be just that, not concocted anecdotes to prove some kind of point.

The article referred to a Muslim mother who was accosted in the grocery store check out line. It seems a woman approached the mother from behind and pulled her head scarf. The article goes on to relate that the woman was later charged with a hate crime.

Really? First, while we don’t have firm data on Illinois laws, if this incident had happened in Alabama, it would have been Third Degree Assault—a misdemeanor. The designation “hate crime” is added at sentencing and doesn’t come into play in misdemeanor cases.

So did this incident happen in the way it was portrayed? We doubt it.


While on the subject of this Saturday article, the TD used to publish inspirational stories from around the area in this weekly space. For some time now, the articles have had a social activism slant and most originate in the Chicago area. Perhaps this is a result of the TD’s cost cutting measures that have recently substituted comic strips and advice columns without even a word of introduction or explanation.

There's been quite a bit of discussion concerning a bill being considered in the legislature allowing anyone the freedom to refuse to perform a marriage ceremony. One comment from stated that most probate judges in the state weren't juris doctors. 

In this area we are extremely fortunate to have Will Motlow and Daniel Rosser. Both these gentlemen are extremely qualified attorneys and underpaid. We know Daniel much better than Will, but we're greatly impressed by both gentlemen. Props to Daniel and Will!


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