Friday, March 11, 2016

Illegal Lauderdale Racing/Byron Wilkes

Is there illegal drag racing in parts of Lauderdale County? According to one reader there is. We have edited to remove the name of a Muscle Shoals police officer:

...XXX II, the Muscle Shoals cop. He said that he goes street racing with them on the weekends on some county rd in the Oakland community. He also said that there was a Florence cop, a deputy or 2 and a wayne county deputy that participates in these illegal street races. He said they would carry there radio's with them and that's how they would avoid getting caught. These races still go on because I saw a comment on the Lauderale county sheriff's dept Facebook page a couple of months ago complaining about it.


There will be an exhibition of our late friend Byron Wilkes' works:

If you're not familiar with Byron, we use one of his paintings in the sidebar of our blog. Byron was always a fan of our blog and expressed how delighted he was with our using his work. We miss him...


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