Monday, March 7, 2016

Who Knows What Really Happened in Sheffield?

Sheffield City Hall/Police Department

Our favorite computer guru instructs to just “get over” our personal lack of privacy. He’s totally right, but how about local governments? Isn’t a wrecked city squad car news? From a reader:

Do you know anything about a Sheffield PD-involved traffic accident near O'Neal Bridge Wednesday night? There's nothing in the TD (Surprising, huh?) Supposedly a Sheffield PD officer was trying to stop a semi-truck attempting to cross the bridge and struck an oncoming car. Allegedly, the officer didn't have his overhead emergency lights on at the time of the accident. There is 'evidence' of a 'severe impact event' on Old Jackson Highway (sic), halfway between Cajun's and O'Neal Bridge. A friend's mom was working at ECM the night when the victims of the accident were allegedly brought in.

We'll add that this stretch of highway is actually Nathan Boulevard, opened around 1948 with O'Neal Bridge. Its Lauderdale counterpart is Mitchell Boulevard.


Will you be voting in the runoff? It’s less than four weeks until two Republican candidates face each other in a Lauderdale runoff to become the nominee for their party in the license commissioner race. Rodney Pettus, the front runner, will face Heath Haddock in the April mini-election. The winner of the runoff will face Tony Cox, the Democratic nominee, in November.

While this might not seem like a pivotal election to many, any government office is important. We should demand both efficiency and accountability. We’ll be comparing the two candidates in the next week or so. Any candidate or reader input is requested and appreciated.


From Rodney Pettus:

“Back to Basics” is about Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work. Remember when a person’s word actually meant something? When a deal was sealed with a handshake? This is how I was raised and I still believe in these values today. I believe in doing the right thing even when know one is watching. I was taught through out life that hard work and dedication was the key to being successful in life. I will roll up my sleeves, give 100%, and be there full time on the job. 

I want to shorten wait times and make services more accessible. I will work with the county commission to create satellite offices or kiosks in order to bring public service directly to the communities. I want to add a feature to social media and to the website to show approximate wait times at the License Commissioners Office. Installing updated computer equipment will help to expedite office procedures. Back to basics is not about technology. It is about who I am, what I believe in, and how I will perform as your License Commissioner.

We look forward to Heath Haddock sending us his mission statement for publication.


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