Friday, March 25, 2016

Works Both Ways, Coach/Capella?

With all the public awareness on fitness, people in Muscle Shoals need to go to Florence or Tuscumbia if you want a secure facility or area to walk on. While you are there, be sure shop a little to give them the taxes you would have paid to Muscle Shoals but were locked out of the Muscle Shoals School track that you are already paying for.

If Coach Lindsey was quoted correctly in the Times Daily news article, he stated the track is locked because of the "liability" if someone is hurt on school property outside of a sponsored event. With that as the case, why aren't the playgrounds with the jungle gyms and other equipment at the elementary schools fenced, chained and locked?

It appears if those wretched parents can't be trusted on the track that they are paying for, they could easily sue the school system if their child got hurt while swinging from the jungle gyms. After all, Coach Lindsey clearly stated that the school is liable for your safety on school property at any given time.

Someone needs to advise UNA's Mark Linder and the other school systems to chain and lock all their facilities before one of those taxpayers gets a blister while walking on their tracks and decides to sue for pain and anguish.

Coach Lindsey, don't you feel just a little foolish asking the public for money and more taxes and then snubbing and biting the hand that feeds you? The public isn't to fear, the devil walks among your midst.

Open the track. It's the right thing to do. Otherwise, lock down everything, because after all, you can't trust the public.

Works both ways Coach.

Leslie M. Shoals


From a reader:

So the parent company of ECM, RegionCare, has been sold, again. This time to Capella Health.

One would think that this affiliation would be beneficial to ECM in the long run, but Capella sold Parkway Hospital in 2011 to Huntsville Hospital while shutting down their hospital in Hartselle, AL. They did this using the rational that hospitals in Alabama must be of considerable size, like Huntsville Hospital, to survive.

From this:

The announcement comes during a complex and transformative time in the healthcare industry, where the impact of national healthcare reform is driving hospitals and other healthcare providers to consolidate resources. Under reform, close collaborations will be rewarded, and every hospital will be challenged to do more with less.

Add to this that Alabama is one of the toughest reimbursement environments in the nation. In fact, effective January 1, Morgan County, Alabama will have the lowest Medicare wage index in the country. This means that hospitals in Morgan County will be paid the lowest in the nation to treat Medicare patients. It is clear that in the near future, healthcare providers must have considerable size – such as the network of hospitals and providers created by Huntsville Hospital – to survive and thrive in this state.


Another child murdered by a mother's boyfriend! 

And the mother is quite probably still with this lovely piece of scum. Love is said to make people blind...not deaf, dumb, and imbecilic.


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  1. I think the Capella group which had been sold to a holding company in Aug was sold to Regional Care. Marty is still the big boss.