Saturday, March 5, 2016

Comcast/Chips Not Working/Wet Willie

The list of companies whose credit card data bases have been hacked is long: Target, Cracker Barrel, T.J. Maxx, Bank Independent, etc. Has Comcast joined the ranks? It seems that customers have been assigned new account numbers, with no reason being supplied by the media giant.


Is the microchip one answer to hacking? Last year the advent of new chip card readers was highly touted. They were to be in stores by October, and most retail concerns did change over at that time. Now the majority of banks have provided their customers with the chip-enhanced cards. So everything is cool?

Apparently not. We understand that locally only Target has the software installed to use the enhanced readers. If you shop elsewhere in the Shoals, you’ll still have to use the traditional swipe. Progress takes time, but let’s hope consumers having to update all accounts (Amazon, eBay, etc.) with the new card numbers is actually accomplishing something.


We haven’t mentioned the Weeden Home in quite some time. Recently some new comments were posted on Ripples from someone who stated he was the heir to the property. If the commenter is indeed the heir, it doesn’t look like the property will ever be in competent hands.

We can understand any owner wanting fair value for their property, but we can’t understand letting a historic home sit and rot when it could be sold to a restoration group or community at a reasonable price. Don’t be surprised to see a hotel on the property at some point in the not too distant future.


Wet Willie is among the latest acts to join the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Until now, we had thought them a Georgia band. Here’s an overlooked jewel:


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