Saturday, March 12, 2016

Drag Racing Redux

We had planned to begin a short series on the new hospital, but apparently what we considered a minor issue is a major problem in this area--and many are condoning it. Let's look at some salient points concerning drag racing:

1. It's illegal. What do parents not understand about that? If you say to your child that you can break some laws, where do you draw the line?

2. It's not just teens, but adults including police who are engaging in this illegal activity.

3. How would you feel if you had small children and you suddenly found your quiet county road tuned into an illegal drag strip?

4. To say that drag racing prevents pregnancy is comparable to saying it prevents these teen/adults from robbing mini-marts.

5. The Shoals has nothing to do? Just drive to Lawrenceburg and ask some teens about what they do on weekends. Almost universally, they will tell you that they have to come to the Shoals to find anything to do. You see how that works? Everything is relative.

6. Remember, we're happy to publish your comments, but not when it contains vulgarities and derogatory references to the mentally impaired.


So how widespread is illegal drag racing? (This one may have a permit, but just that it existed, surprised us.):

We'd say that's pretty widespread. Now for any parents who encourage this or any young people who participate in this, we have one suggestion: Ask any successful person you may know if he/she ever participated in illegal drag racing. We're not shy to predict that not one would say yes.

Let's teach our children to strive to do better, not to live by the "If it feels good, do it" philosophy.



  1. The pictures from the Facebook post is incorrect with the situation you are speaking of. The situation in Oakland is the problem. The 256 Callout is permitted, has safety crew on hand, and is on a shutdown road. So, you need to not use this post as your reference. It is actually causing trouble with these guys. They have a permit and no one is in harm. The other situation in Oakland is on an open county road, and that is where all the complaints are. I think you should know a little more about what you are speaking on, before you make false accusations.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Two separate readers sent us these details. Both were concerned. We understand that there may be as many as four locations where ILLEGAL drag racing takes place. You will notice that we did ask if there was a permit for the Rogersville industrial park race. Under no circumstances should there be drag racing on a PUBLIC two lane road. Does drag racing, even with a permit, hurt the industrial park? We don't know, but a reader asked. We welcome comments from business owners in the park.