Friday, February 19, 2016

Hanson or Pettus?/More on Satchell

Quinton Hanson and Danny Pettus are seeking the post of Lauderdale County Commission Chair. Both have political experience and both have conservative financial platforms. Is one better than the other?

We're endorsing Quinton Hanson for this post. He has more experience in financial planning and, we believe, is more capable of telling someone where to go if needed.


We've been sent some information on Gale Satchell, candidate for Colbert County Superintendent of Education. After careful consideration, we have decided to publish this. Voters should have all the information about any candidate in order to make a competent decision.

From an informed reader on several problems facing Colbert candidates:

(The people that filed a complaint on Gale Stachel & School Board members have the expense forms, check vouchers and other information on the following complaints to the Ethics Commission. They have complaint case numbers assigned and were told an investigator will be contacting them. TimesDaily editor says their policy is not to do anything during an election cycle. They absolutely have them dead to right and should be an interesting story to follow)

Ethics complaint filed on Federal Programs Coordinator - Dr. Gale Satchel

1) Takes numerous days off with filing for Professional Leave.
Taxpayers have given Satchel reimbursements for travel, food and lodging for personal family trips as well as paid leave.
Presidential Inauguration 2012
Field trip with son’s class to Memphis, Tennessee
Also received pay for "professional development" & Personal travel with son to work as “Page” for Marcel Black during 2015
Legislative session in Montgomery - She and her husband were reimbursed for meals, hotel, and mileage for the week that her son was the Page. This had nothing to do with the school and was strictly personal.

2) Gift Cards for homeless
Hands out gift cards to un-documented recipients
Hands out gift cards after announcing her candidacy for Superintendent of Colbert County Schools election 2016
Does not have proof of receipt from recipient of gift cards

3) Signs Employment Contracts without Board approval OR Superintendent signature.
Determines the persons hired, pay scale, and personally supervises or
assigns her husband (principal in Colbert County School System) as supervisor.
ONLY school boards can hire. Those persons she hired and signed contract obligating the taxpayers money ($35.00 per hour tutors) were
NOT approved by the Board. They were NOT fingerprinted nor had a background check, but were working one on one with students.

4) Uses work day/time to attend meetings and events for personal organizations involved in/and serves as a Board member and is paid mileage to go to the meetings.
Healing Place, NWSCC, Camp Courage, Helen Keller Foundation, etc.
Claims mileage for personal trips and when working registration desk at Shoals Chamber of Commerce functions.

5) Makes purchases from vendors for her family use.
Grandchildren she kept at work and bought items for their use at central office.

Belief is that she uses school funds to pay for her IPhone, Ipad, and data for both.

Also an Ethics complaint is filed on the SCHOOL BOARD --

Some School Board members receive reimbursement for their family members to go to meetings with them.
2 & 3 bedroom condominiums paid for by taxpayers for them to go to the beach for meetings.
Paid for meals for family members of Board members.

Once again, the Ethics Commission has the expense forms filled out by the Board members along with their condo receipts and the checks that were paid to the Board members.

Another thing in question is, Where is the $7.9 million that was in reserves at the Colbert County School System when Olivis took office?

(Confidentially, Olivis and Cornelius are on different ends of the spectrum. My insiders said they haven't spoke civilly to each other in over a year. Not a good situation and they can't wait to be away from each other)


Apparently neither Democrats nor Republicans belong to any organized party.


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