Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Judicial Follies?/Martha Norton

We've been made aware that the father of Shannon Johnson was allowed into proceedings today. According to reports, and they vary, the bottom line is that it was all a mix-up yesterday. The younger Johnson was found guilty.

That brings us to several reports we have on the innocence of the Johnson brothers in the death of Keith Barnett. We haven't either the legal or investigative abilities to know the truth of the situation. If guilty, both brothers are where they belong. If innocent, we hope they soon prove it.

Due to several factors in these two cases, there are undoubtedly several appeals in the works. No judge is perfect, but we do greatly respect all our local sitting jurists.


Is the judicial system perfect? Hardly. If you've had a warrant out for you, you should check to be sure it's canceled. We linked some warrant information on Martha Dyer Norton yesterday. Apparently Ms. Norton thought it had been cleared up when the charges were still listed as active in Colbert County. Her "most wanted" information still shows up, but as of today is listed as "called back to court."

We understand Ms. Norton wants to sue Colbert County. News flash; she can't win. Accidents happen. That's why everyone should be vigilant in making sure their legal matters are indeed cleared up. On that note, if your attorney doesn't do what he/she says will be done, you should report the matter to both the judge and the state bar ethics committee.



  1. Attorneys that accept client money (often called a retainer) and do not perform work as stated, or refuse to provide a detailed invoice, should file theft by deception report with the local police or sheriff. Do not hold your breath expecting results from the state bar ethics committee or a judge.

    1. Sadly, we've heard that before. Thanks so much for this comment. I have one reader at this time who is facing this with a Florence atty. I will forward her this info.