Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why, Quinton, Why?

The political muck deepens as a local photographer has come forward accusing Republican candidate Quinton Hanson of stealing one of his photographs. We suggest that he do as our friend Mark Davis once did and send Hanson a bill for at least a thousand dollars. Nothing teaches a lesson in honesty like a kick in the pocket book.

From a reader:

My first reaction when I saw a Quinton Hanson sign, realizing he was yet running for office, was "not again??" How much money has this guy wasted running for office and has yet to even get close. He has lost 3 campaigns, making him a 3 time loser. However, I had thought long and hard about voting for him this this time around. I decided it was his time and to give him a shot, this after speaking to him at an event in Underwood one day. THEN, I get the mail out of the mailbox last Wednesday. My first reaction to seeing this negative mailer was "he just got beat!!!!" And, I still feel this way. There was no need to sink to this level. If he felt he was losing in the polls at this point, he should have opted for more signs, more visibility or more ads. I think we will see in the results on Tuesday that the typical North Alabama voter is SICK and TIRED of dirty campaigns and negative ads.

Do we still believe that Hanson has more business acumen than Danny? Yes; however, we’d rather have any office filled by the honest candidate who scored a B+ in economic development than a dishonest one who scored an A. The sad part of this whole filthy descent into political muck and mire is that we believe Hanson would have won the election and been the next Lauderdale County Commission Chair if he has not stooped to such tactics and alleged theft.

Danny Pettus, current Lauderdale County Commissioner, now has our total support in his bid to become commission chair. It may be a close election, but if Danny wins, we are counting on his not letting the citizens of Lauderdale County down.


While we’ve had some supporters of certain candidates contact us with critical comments on those running against their chosen ones, we’ve seen no other local political mud thrown in this election. All candidates with the exception of Quinton Hanson have seemingly trod the high road, and that speaks volumes about them. Whether we support them or not, they have behaved as one would hope any educated and civilized candidate would. Kudos to all of them!


Word for the day: Judgment. It seems many pols, local and state, as honest as they may be, can’t spell this word which has only one “e.” It may be a small matter, but it’s distracting from their advertising.


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