Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hanson Mail-Out/Cherokee Thugs

We have not been able to obtain a copy of Quinton Hanson's mail-out which is purported to contain libelous material directed against his opponent Danny Pettus. This is from a reader:

Do you have an opinion on the "last minute" mail-outs by Quinton Hanson' campaign? The first one questions Danny Pettus' decision to run for Chairman of the Lauderdale County Commission after serving only "64 days" (I think that's right). The second mail-out borders on calling Danny dishonest. I realize it's politics, but I don't like it. I was planning on voting for Hanson. I don't really know him that well, but he had been involved in the Republican Party for some time and had run for office before. I guess I just felt he had "paid his dues". That, and the fact that I didn't personally know Danny that well. I have some comments on my facebook page about how I feel about that kind of negative advertising. Just wondered if you had seen these and had any thoughts on them.

Other readers have reported that the mail-out doesn't "border" on calling Danny dishonest, but states it unequivocally. We had previously endorsed Hanson for two reasons--his business experience and what we considered his strong stands (lacking tact). We felt, since a menopausal woman wasn't running, he would be most likely to state his opinions and hold fast. 

Nevertheless, honesty comes first in our book. Danny Pettus is nothing if not honest. As of now, we're not recommending either candidate. That may change by tomorrow. We're asking readers for any further information on this.


Some thugs have broken into a Cherokee school and vandalized an expensive collection of pattern glass that had been donated to the library. Other items were also destroyed. If anyone has any information on this, no matter how small, please contact the Cherokee Police. We would also like to hear more on these little "*****." Once apprehended, we'll be reporting anything we can find on these kids/men who have so little respect for...well, apparently for anything. We'll be lobbying for a stiff sentence...not counting on one, but lobbying.


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