Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sexual Harassment at UNA?

Bill Cosby still has his supporters…somewhere out there. No, we don’t think all of his victims used the best judgment in their dealings with him. Yes, there are those who think this is an excuse for unwanted sexual contact. No, it isn't.

For those who think Bill’s totally innocent, just how many loving family men do you know who consider Hugh Hefner their best friend and regularly frequent the playboy mansion? What’s really sad is that Cosby could have found numerous willing women, but he chose to drug those who were unwilling. Some like it dopey, we guess.

How does this apply to us locally? We’re still very interested in those female UNA students who anonymously reported in a recent climate survey that they were the recipients of unwanted sexual contact from professors and support staff. We’ll be happy to publish anonymous accounts should they be sent to us. By anonymous, we mean we will not name either victim or perp, but will publish the information sent us without any names.


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