Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So This is the Result of Oil Spill Money?

So the state of Alabama has money left over from its BP oil spill settlement? And it’s going to be used in part to renovate a second governor’s mansion in Gulf Shores that has lain abandoned for 20 years? As some Montgomery pundits have pointed out, this is just as Gov. Bentley has lost the use of his beach house due to his divorce settlement. Assuming the work is done in less than a year, that would leave at least two years for Bentley to enjoy the renovated retreat. But, hey, remember that he chooses to receive only 1.00 per year in salary…and a much used private jet…and a very large personal staff…and… Well, at least he’s not Don Siegelman.

It’s been said that 60 years ago many Alabamians voted for James Folsom Sr. because he took to the radio to admit that he stole from the citizens of the state, and in his mind, and theirs, that admission made him an honest pol.

We’re pretty sure that’s not what makes one honest, but it’s hard to be sure. After all, how many honest office seekers are there for us to compare? We can unequivocally say that most pols in the state capital and many locally, would fit right in at the Ministry of Truth.


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