Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trapped RVs, Trapped Swans, Trapped Taxpayers

Our guest blog on recent flooding at McFarland produced some questions.

* What is flood stage level? 18 foot river crest

* Tourism building is flooded at what level? 22 foot river crest

* How many times has it reached 22 feet since 1973? 10

* What is current level (or level Friday)? Article didn’t give exact figure

* Did it reach 1973 level? Not that we know of, but it still crested at 22 feet or more, or the height of the tourism office. This has happened 10 times since 1973--that's not counting more minor flooding to the roadways that seems to happen annually. In other words, the river doesn’t have to crest at 30 feet to produce flooding in the park.

A side note, Rob Adolph Carnegie says he wants “to mitigate this kind of thing from happening.” We’re not sure what the word “mitigate” might mean in Canada, but in Alabama it means “lessen in severity.” We would like to see flooding in the area totally stopped, but Carnegie not being God or even Bob Baron we’re pretty sure it just isn’t going to happen. BTW, we’re told that David Abramson was the driving force on the board who wanted the new tourism office located in McFarland.

Wherever Debbie Wilson is at this moment, we’re pretty sure she’s high, dry, and laughing…


We hear at least two RVs are still trapped in the McFarland campground. One owner was absent when the evacuation notice was given and says he’s yet to be contacted over the park’s closing so suddenly.


Returning to Spring Park, it seems the new pair of swans, still in isolation, had to be removed due to flooding. Will this mean the quarantine period will have to start over? Since their wings are clipped, perhaps the enchanting fowl will attempt to hitch a ride to Lauderdale County? No, perhaps Athens is a better choice with its Big Spring Park, a park seemingly free of controversy.

Perhaps that’s why Mute Swans were chosen for the Tuscumbia Park. Would Trumpeter Swans have constantly narked on the muskrats?


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