Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Here's a Job No One Should Want

Street Dept. Supervisor Bump
The City of Sheffield has now advertised for a “secretary” for the Department of Streets & Sanitation. Former employee Tammy Holden was termed by Mayor Ian Sanford an “administrative assistant.” Is there a difference? There certainly is; we’ve known some executives to have both a secretary and an administrative assistant. We’ve been told that the much maligned president of a local manufacturing concern once had an administrative assistant who had her own secretary.

We’re postulating in this case that the designation of secretary may be more fitting for the position. It also may rate a much lower salary. Anyone foolish enough to want this job has until Friday to apply.


On a lighter note, or maybe not, while reading the Sheffield advert we noticed there was an “empty” cemetery lot for sale in Athens. Thank God it’s empty…

We’re reminded of once reading a notice of a free kitten to a “good Christian home.” What? They wouldn’t adopt to a nice Jewish family?


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  1. Sheffield politics ahve always been sort of weird. They like Florence tend to be on the (FUNNY), side at times.