Thursday, December 3, 2015

About Those E-Mails from Dewey King...

It's amazing what people will send from a work computer. We have some old incriminating personal e-mails from a UNA employee that actually use his job title and his work address, all in bright purple and gold. What if it's a private e-mail account, but sent on a city computer? What if these e-mails are racially inflammatory?

A confidential source has sent us some e-mails (with more coming) from Sheffield public safety director Dewey King. You may remember King as being involved in some controversial situations twice in recent years--a conflict of interest with the E-911 board and refusing to answer the questions of local television reporters. No, there's no law that states an acting police chief has to answer the public's questions, but not doing so raises more questions.

So now King has helped to involve the City of Sheffield in a lawsuit. It may be just be our crazy opinion, but sending a message with the N-word to a person with a racially mixed family might not be the most intelligent thing to do.


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