Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Muslims Don't Like Barbecue?/Tammy Holden

This story made the rounds long before 9/11 made “Muslim” a household word and few knew many of the religion’s customs and dietary restrictions: An up and coming young executive, ‘Bama born and bred, was assigned to take some foreign customers to tour his company’s Athens facility. He duly withdrew money from petty cash to pay for their lunch; after all, it was going to be a long day.

The clerk who handled petty cash noted later in the day that a lobby sign welcomed the visitors—from Saudi Arabia. The next day the young executive duly brought his lunch receipt and change to the clerk. She related that she thought it was odd that he had so much money left. Where and what had they eaten?

A quick look at the receipt showed one sandwich and three soft drinks. The name of the eatery? The Greenbrier Barbecue. Our friend didn’t know whether to laugh a little…or to laugh a lot.

Things certainly do change.


Early next year, the owners of the Athens 306 BBQ will be opening a second location in the old Greenbrier building that suffered fire damage in 2013.


This is former Sheffield street department employee Tammy Holden. She's suing the city over her termination. Stay tuned...


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