Saturday, December 26, 2015

Spring Park Train Suffers Damage

From Tuscumbia Muskrat:

I'm assuming everyone was aware of yesterday's Flood Warning, well that is everyone but Joel Kendrick. Early this morning Spring Park's Train was well covered under the water. Our incompetent Park Manager neglected (again) to do his job until this morning. He tried to cover his butt by moving the train (engine) to higher ground after it had sit in the water since yesterday. So when the water and mud mix causes a $1,000+ in damages then I guess the "Friends of Tuscumbia" can step in to raise money for the repairs.

From Readers:

* The forecast for the Christmas Holidays was for lots of rain and probable flooding. It seems everyone knew this except for our P & R Director. For the many years the train had been in the park, probable flooding meant to take the train out of the station and park it on higher ground. It appears that this did not happen this year.

The engine was seen being taken out of the park Saturday morning. A mud line was seen about halfway up the boiler. How much damage was done to the locomotive? No cars were in sight. It was thought that the cars are still in the depot and probably under water.

THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. This could only happen with Joel Kendrick in full control of the park, and Bill Shoemaker the Mayor.. How much did his failure cost the city taxpayers this time?

* Nothing irritates me more than seeing something I helped build, fall to pieces. Today I witnessed the director of the Tuscumbia park and rec dept loading the 718 on to a roll back wrecker after it had been under water up to the running boards!! Thats the absolute worst thing that could have happened to the Tuscumbia Spring park train locomotive. How do you let a $150,000 investment get flooded? Five and a half years I ran and maintained all of the rides in the park, and not once did the train come anywhere close to getting wet! The Park and Rec Dept, Namely Joel Kendrick have let the park, Oakwood cem,and the depoup in town go to ****. I will say one thing, under the management of John McWilliams, this would have never happened!! #‎REPLACEJOELKENDRICK‬


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  1. Never let necessity interfere with your holiday. Pitiful.