Thursday, December 17, 2015

Any of our Readers Been Stiffed by the State?

Have any of our readers been affected by the new state payment system? Or should we say have any of the local mom and pop businesses, or even large companies, been stiffed by the state?

We’ve been told for years that attorneys who work as what may be termed public defenders have to wait four to six months to be reimbursed. Now it seems under the STAARS system implemented earlier this year, only 60% of the state’s bills are being paid at all, and the ones which are paid are chronically late.

To what do we owe this wonderful new system? To a no bid contract given to a Canadian company. We’re told state finance director Bill Newton is totally responsible for this debacle. He even planned a “cocktail reception,” paid for with our tax dollars, to celebrate the implementation of this horribly inadequate system. If there are any taxpaying readers out there who feel their money should be paying for parties when our state finances are in a shambles, please email us. No, what’s needed is an investigation and a new broom of some ilk.

Does Pete Wesson have any of those “Vote Them All Out” signs left?


We’re sure many of our readers are regular letter/e-mail writers to our elected representatives. A new legislative sessions isn’t that far away. Perhaps a good New Year’s resolution for us all would be to write our local delegation at least quarterly to let them know what the voters think. If nothing else, it will keep them busy shredding and deleting.

Lynn Greer, we’re still waiting for you to introduce that bill to address the state’s Certificate of Need policy.



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