Sunday, December 20, 2015

Mayor Bill Batson/More TD Comments

Former Florence mayor Bill Batson passed away last week. Mayor Batson served the city at a time when it was governed by a three-person commission and the bi-monthly meetings were televised on ComCast live along with a taped showing later in the day. Due to the antics of some commissioners, the show was viewed by many, even outside the city of Florence.

Mayor Batson had his hands full to say the least. He was never easily drawn into any of the arguments and presented a strong persona as the leader of Florence government. He is survived by many friends as well as family who will remember his contribution to the city for years to come.


Comments from readers on the TimesDaily:

* I've been wondering why the person putting the obituaries online for TD isn't aware that you alphabetize by last name not first name...

* A good friend of mine has spent the past several weeks attempting to set up an account for the TimesDaily's TNValleyTalks comment/blog site. An email was received almost a month ago, claiming the application for admission, and is under review.....whatever THAT means..... Several email inquiries have been made since to the TimesDaily. So far: Nada. Zilch. HELLOOOOOOO?!?!?!? It's like the requests and pleas for assistance have been sucked into a black hole. There are apparently no responsible, competent parties employed at the TimesDaily these days.


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